Sedation Dentistry in Alpharetta, GA

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Chances are you do not think of dental visits as a nice relaxing activity. At the Atlanta Center for Dental Health, we invite patients to check their fears at the door and experience dentistry in a whole new way.

If you find that you have avoided the dentist due to a phobia or fear, you can find new freedom in sedation dentistry. We want to know how you feel about dentistry so we can tailor care to meet your needs. To us, you are much more than a set of teeth! It is important to us to get to know each of our patients, including their attitude towards dental treatment.

Oral conscious sedation

Patients of Dr. Hepler appreciate the ability they have to enter our office, take a pill, and relax into the dental chair. Oral conscious sedation is different from IV sedation, which places the patient into a deep state of relaxation that feels like sleep. The medication we provide is delivered in pill form and works within a few minutes without the need for needles.

The relaxation that comes from oral conscious sedation may cause a “twilight sleep.” Patients have the ability, however, to communicate with us should they need to. While we perform treatment, there are no fears or anxieties, no pain, and the body is also nicely physically relaxed.

There are several reasons to choose oral conscious sedation in our Alpharetta dental office:

  • Quickly relieve mild to moderate dental anxiety
  • Oral conscious sedation is safe and effective, requiring no special monitoring or assistance for breathing
  • This form of sedation is an affordable, needle-free alternative to IV sedation
  • Oral conscious sedation is easy
  • Treatment seems to go by very quickly, and hour feels like only a few minutes
  • Very little, if anything, is remembered about treatment

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How oral conscious sedation works

Oral conscious sedation is a complement to the local anesthetic we administer to numb the treatment area. The two medications work in harmony to create a very comfortable, very relaxing experience. Once under the full effects of sedative medication, you will be undisturbed by the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office.

We generally discuss sedation with patients during a consultation visit. In this consultation, we will gather information on health history and discuss the details of sedation. At this time, we may also take pre-treatment x-rays and perform any other diagnostics needed to complete treatment. Finally, we will complete the prescription for sedative medication. The first dose of this medication can be taken the night before the procedure appointment. Why lose a good night’s sleep worrying about impending dental treatment?

The day of care, it is necessary for a driver to accompany you to our office. Due to the effects of sedative medication, patients are not to drive themselves. In the office, the second dose of sedative will be taken to prompt a state of tranquility that allows you to receive the care you need to enjoy a healthy, happy smile. Throughout treatment, we will closely monitor you for optimal comfort and peace of mind.

It’s easy to get started with sedation dentistry at Atlanta Center for Dental Health.

We are committed to your comfort! If you are ready to change your dental experiences for the better with sedation dentistry, one of our friendly staff is happy to schedule your consultation visit. If you would like more information on our sedation services, feel free to contact us at (866) 687-1992.