Gum Disease Treatment in Alpharetta, GA

Gum Disease

Tooth loss is not inevitable, though many do associate this problem with age. The truth is that we each have a great deal of control over the longevity and overall health of our smile. One of the conditions Dr. Hepler and his friendly team discuss with our patients is gum disease.

Gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults. This condition is, however, also preventable with good oral care.

During routine care, your dentist and your hygienist will perform a careful assessment of your teeth and gums. As needed, specific periodontal therapy will be recommended to address identified concerns. Our hope is to catch gum disease in its earliest stage, gingivitis. At this time, plaque and bacteria have caused inflammation to your gum tissue around your teeth. With a focused professional cleaning and guidance on home care, infection can be prevented at this point. For this reason, routine dental visits on a six-month or more frequent basis are very important to your oral health and your whole body health.

Safeguard your smile. Don’t wait for obvious signs of infection. Schedule your checkup at the Atlanta Center for Dental Health today.

Treatment for gum disease is available from our skilled dental team. The way in which gum disease is treated depends on the extent of the infection in your teeth and gums and on the damage that has already happened to your oral tissues. Early treatment is more conservative and can save you the stress and pain of tooth loss.

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The Atlanta Center for Dental Health in Alpharetta offers a number of periodontal treatments:

  • Scaling and root planing is the first line of defense against mild to moderate gum disease. This deep cleaning, performed gently by our skilled hygienist, eliminates accumulated plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces both above and below the gum line.
  • Gum grafting involves replacing the gum tissues lost to extensive recession that has led to exposed tooth root surfaces. The new tissue will naturally integrate into surrounding tissues for enhanced protection of the root.
  • Laser treatment is an excellent option for the removal of diseased tissue. Due to the rapid, focused impact of laser energy on oral tissues, this approach offers a number of advantages to conventional gum surgery.

Obtaining suitable treatment for gum disease can keep you from suffering discomfort, chronic bad breath, and numerous health concerns related to the passage of oral bacteria into the body. An unhealthy mouth leads to an unhealthy body. Proper management of this condition is designed to minimize the impact of oral bacteria and prevent tooth loss and systemic disease.

In addition to treatment options for the management of gum disease, patients of Dr. Hepler may improve the look and health of their smile with periodontal treatments such as crown lengthening or periodontal plastic surgery. These procedures involve the reshaping of the gum tissue in order to reveal more or less tooth structure for a naturally beautiful smile.

We believe in helping you enjoy your best smile!

Dr. Hepler and the Atlanta Center for Dental Health team want you to enjoy a smile that looks good and feels healthy. We are happy to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques with you during your routine appointments. We can also provide assistance in the selection of oral care products including the type of toothbrush that may be most effective based on your needs and dexterity.

We encourage our patients to visit us regularly and to engage in healthy habits in the months between professional checkups. Habits like smoking or consuming acidic foods and beverages can weaken teeth and gums. Low sugar, naturally crunchy foods can have a cleansing effect that promotes oral health.

Working together, we can achieve a healthier smile and make strides in preventing tooth loss. Contact our office at (866) 687-1992 and speak with a friendly member of our team to schedule your appointment.