Gentle Tooth Extractions in Alpharetta, GA

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The focus of care at Atlanta Center for Dental Health is the preservation of healthy tooth structure. In some instances, we need to consider if extracting a tooth is the best option for optimal oral health. There are a few reasons that Dr. Hepler may discuss the necessity for tooth extraction. These include:

  • A tooth is poorly positioned and involved in misalignment or bite issues
  • Advanced gum disease has caused extensive weakening of the support around a tooth
  • A tooth has been injured
  • A tooth has died from injury
  • Severe decay has significantly weakened natural tooth structure

Dr. Hepler and his friendly team want to save you time. Our Alpharetta dental office provides most of the services you and your family will need to address various dental concerns. Through extensive training and commitment to excellence, we perform extractions in a manner that achieves the desired outcome: patient satisfaction.

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Wisdom teeth

The most commonly performed extraction procedure is the removal of wisdom teeth.

We usually see the growth of wisdom teeth, or third molars, sometime between the ages of 13 and 17. There are, however, many adults who visit us for the removal of these teeth. Part of the routine care for patients who have not yet had wisdom teeth extracted is to monitor their growth or their health if these teeth have fully grown into the mouth.

Wisdom teeth have reputation for being rather difficult. The primary reason for this is there is rarely enough space in the arches to accommodate two additional teeth (there are two upper wisdom teeth and two lower). When these teeth have no open space to grow into, they may become trapped. Wisdom teeth may be impacted, fully trapped beneath the gums, or partially impacted. Partial impaction occurs when teeth begin to grow in but are then halted, sitting partially beneath the gums and partially in the mouth.

Impaction is a concern for several reasons. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause persistent pressure and discomfort at the back of the mouth. There is also a risk for infection and abscess. If third molars partially erupt, it is possible that they will push existing teeth into one another and cause overcrowding. Finally, there is a significant concern for decay and gum disease around teeth pushed out of place by wisdom teeth due to the accumulation of oral bacteria in hard-to-reach places.

Even when there is room in the mouth and wisdom teeth grow in fully, they may, at some point, need to be removed. Due to the location of wisdom teeth at the far back of the mouth, there is a tendency for bacteria to collect on and in between them, causing deep cavities.

Care tailored to you

Our goal is not to remove teeth but to sustain oral health in optimal conditions. If extraction of a tooth or teeth seems necessary, Dr. Hepler will show you why to use diagnostic imaging. He will also discuss the details of extraction. We are always happy to answer questions you have regarding recommended treatment. Your smile is critical to your sense of wellbeing and we want you to be directly involved in your care.

Patients of the Atlanta Center for Dental Health receive care from a friendly team of experienced professionals. We want your visits to be as pleasant as possible. For extractions and other treatments, you may choose to increase relaxation with our sedation services.

If you are experiencing painful dental problems or you want to avoid them, we can help. Call Atlanta Center for Dental Health today.