Root Canal Therapy in Alpharetta, GA

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A number of treatments fall into the area of endodontics. The most common procedure is root canal therapy. A longstanding dental treatment, root canal therapy has been misrepresented for decades. Most people feel at least a little apprehensive about receiving this treatment. Dr. Hepler and his team understand the stress that is involved with tooth pain. Root canal therapy need not add to that stress. Instead, our gentle care focuses on removing infection that is causing pain. The entire process can be painless. Remember a root canal is correcting the problem causing the pain and discomfort.

Teeth: more than meets the eye

Looking at a tooth, we may envision a solid structure of enamel. What we see, however, is just an outer shell, a protective layer that lies over softer tooth material. Beneath the enamel is dentin, which is much softer in comparison. Dentin is the predominant material in each tooth. In this structure are thousands of tiny tubules responsible for the transmission of sensations, such as heat and cold. At a tooth’s center are pulp tissue, vessels, connective tissues, and the root nerve.

Identifying problems may be easier than you think

Our teeth are actually very good at communicating their overall state of health. If sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures or to sweets occurs, you can be certain that there is a problem lurking somewhere in the teeth or gums. The earlier care for slight discomfort can be scheduled, the less likely it is you will require root canal therapy at all. When infection is not treated, the tooth will eventually die and may be lost.

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Pain and infection can be eliminated with root canal therapy

The perception that most people have about root canal therapy is that the procedure is very uncomfortable. The opposite is actually true. When you visit the dentist for a filling, you don’t expect it to be painful. Root canal therapy is no different!

Before beginning treatment, our team administers local anesthetic, just as we would for a filling. Once the area is numb, damaged tooth material is removed, also just like a filling. An opening is then made into the center of the numbed tooth. Using specialized instruments, Dr. Hepler removes all infections. The emptied root canal is cleaned and sterilized before inert material is inserted to prevent bacteria from invading.

Root canal therapy is often followed by the placement of a custom-made dental crown. This restoration will cover the weakened tooth structure by buffering the force of biting and chewing. With good preventive care, the restoration will remain strong and attractive for many years.

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